Well, shit happens…

First off all;
Sorry for that.

A couple nights ago I tuned around the 20m Band and could hear exactly nothing at all. I will add a video of this sometime. Since this happens to me a lot, I wanted to test my Antenna. The swr-meter was showing ok, so I dropped my curiosity. At night I did not continue.

Today I remembered the problem and thought, maybe I could do some reverse beaconing with WSPR and see if I am recieved at all. After some fiddling with the software I managed to send out my WSPR signals. On the Spot database I then wanted to see who could hear me. So I first opened the list view. There were a couple of stations, so ok. Everthing is nice I thought.

It was not until I opened the map view to see that I fucked up. What a shame ! See for yourself:
wrong locatorDo you recognise my my Fuckup ?

I mixed up my Maidenhead Locator somehow as I entered it into the WSJT software. It looks like I’m somewhere in the middle of the sea off the coast of Netherlands und United Kingdom. It even looks a little plausible because many British stations seem to pickup my signal. But that is not the case. I am working in Berlin right now and my locator is JO62qm.

It was a sincere mistake and I really don’t know how this could happen. I just relied on the settings I had made earlier. I also don’t see how I could have mis-typed 62 as 24. It makes no sense. So, upon seeing this, I corrected my error in the WSPR settings. Seems like it was instantly sent to the online database of WSPRnet. Although I did not TX a while after the correction, the map showed up like this :
correct locatorThis is the way it should have looked from the beginning.

This remains one lesson to be learned:

If you have not used your stuff for a while,
check all settings before you go again!

So much for WSPR. I think I can now check this off from my Bucket List : http://burak.ozhan.de/blog/dl7bur-amateur-radio-bucket-list/