Unsteady Journal of Jolty Notions

Let’s see..
I haven’t written anything in 5 months.
Time to change that.
Time to get writing every now and then.

To get myself writing, I have decided to get a list of items I want to do as an Amateur Radio Operator at some time in my life. A “Bucket List” if you wish. But since I really hope that until I am old, some way is found that lets us live forever, I don’t want to do it till the end of my days. I would rather try to manage to check every item on the list within the next 10 years. The List mainly consists of 4 Groups of items. I want to Work all Bands (really ALL bands). I want to work all Modes. I want to work with all OSCAR sattelites. And I want to have equipment up and ready for all primary Ham Bands. I am well aware that the lists might need some changing over the course of the next 10 Years. It might happen that some Band is declared of primary status, that was not the case earlier or there might be a new operation mode that get very popular within very short time. More likely is that some of the satellites I want to work with break down before I get to use them.

For now I have 200 items on that list. I will blog about every one when I do it. I want to keep entries as separate as possible. I.e. Marking off 8 items at once just because I used a transceiver I own, to operate a satellite on a band I did not write about before using a mode I did not use until then, just seems kind of, well, wrong. So I will try to keep it nice and tidy.

I also hope that I can work with my own Callsign. As it seems German regulations restrict you to use the clubcall if you are at a clubstation, for now most of the activity I make is from the clubstation DK0TU that I recently got a member of.

PS : Oops. I almost forgot, I have linked to my Bucket List at the top of my Page, but here is another link : http://burak.ozhan.de/blog/dl7bur-amateur-radio-bucket-list/