YES! It did arrive !

Unsteady Journal of Jolty Notions

I am now proud owner of a Baofeng VX-5R !
Programming it was not that easy, many of the tools that are supposed to work, simply don’t work. Also when the battery is low the programming seems to simply malfunction without getting a battery warning. Just charge it and try again.

As programming software I simply used the programm called “Chirp”. One disadvantage of it is, it is not able to programm all the settings it can only do the channel memories. ( or I am just to dumb to find the settings )

For the settings I used the Baofeng tool called “UV_5R_VIP”. Caution first get your USB-Serial drivers sorted out, when it cannot find a serial port it goes mad!

Acutally the “KG-UV Commander” looked nice. I think it’s UI was way better but it does not work. I couldn’t figure out whats wrong. It simply sits there and looks like it can’t find the radio.

So, since I lack a licence, I’m just listening around. PTT is TABU for me! I tuned in to the two nearest repeaters, it sits on my desk and waits till someone talks. Not really happened till now…