Listening a Pileup

Unsteady Journal of Jolty Notions

Today I was listening a pileup on 15m at 21290kHz (usb). The Callsign was 7U50I. It took quite some time, that the OM told his callsign. I guess that someone by coincidence got on the frequency, like me, and asked. He repeated it a couple of times, but after 3 minutes forget about it and went back to only calling the other peoples callsigns. In which he had to block the crowd a couple of times. Since he was calling for one person to repeat the partial heard callsign to complete it but many others were answering. He repeatedly needed to calm the calling stations down. Seems like OMs get crazy on special occasion QSLs.

I could hear the station clearly (Hams would call this 5-9 I guess) which first lead me to the wrong assumtion that it was somewhere nearby, but then I googled the callsign to find out that it was Algeria. It was a special occasion call for celebrating Algeria’s 50 years of independence.

I was recieving the station with just some TV rabbit ears antenna, just 3m over ground. They must have been sending way above anything that is officially allowed.